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We anticipate the transfer of administrative duties to new leadership soon. It is our intention to allow a renewal of our coalition to pursue the original intent of this group to be a group of neighborhood activists working to make our town a wonderful place to live. Check back soon.

Local Media
It can be a struggle to keep up with local news. Our local paper distributes a printed version only twice each week and supplements that with online article. The mLive web site suffers the problem of having articles drop off its front page rater quickly. There are other sources of local news, but browsing those sources can be time consuming. Recently, The Ann magazine has started a service that sends an email 5 days each week with a list of interesting articles.

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The Ann
Online magazine - http://www.theannmag.com
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Gelman/Pall 1,4 dioxane Plume
With the attention the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has received from the City of Flint water contamination, local activists are raising the issue of our local solution problem. For years the MDEQ has been overseeing the clean up of 1,4 dioxane eminating from the Pall Life Sciences (originally Gelman Sciences) on Wagner Road, just west of Ann Arbor. Of recent concern is how long it is taking the MDEQ to review current standards for allowable levels of 1,4 dioxane. The U.S. EPA lowered its acceptable level to 3.5 parts per billion (ppb)  but the MDEQ has maintained its standard that allows 85 ppm.
In 2006, the City entered a settlement agreement with Pall Life Sciences, which effectively removes the City from the court's ongoing oversight of the solution plume. That agreement can be found here.

We will be updating our page to include more about the Pall Plume.

The Washtenaw County Environmental Health web page encourages residents to have their homes tested for Radon Gas. Washtenaw County is ranked a Zone 1 area, meaning it has a high potential for Radon exposure. The County offers a Radon test kit for $10:
Washtenaw County Environmental Health has short-term test kits available at our office for $10 each, which includes the cost of postage and laboratory analysis. The test kits can be purchased at the Western County Service Center. Test kits can also be mailed to you for an additional $2 to cover postage and handling. For questions or to order a test kit by mail, please call (734) 222-3869.

The neighborhood group, Ann Arbor Underwater, is warning residents who have participated in the City's footing drain disconnect program and sump pump installation should conduct a Radon Gas test. The walls and floor of your basement create a barrier between the ground that may have Radon and the interior of your home. When a sump pump pit is installed in an existing basement, it opens that barrier between the possible source of Radon and the home.