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The City has failed to improve our storm water drainage system. Flooding can be cyclic, and for some time flooding was not an immediate problem. We have experienced a dramatic increase in flooding in the last few years. As time permits, we will address those problems here.

Ongoing Projects

City of Ann Arbor Sanitary, Drainage, Projects & Programs:

* Sanitary Sewer Wet Weather Evaluation
Major tasks for the project include: system flow monitoring; updating the City's existing sanitary model; evaluating the effectiveness of the past FDD program; identifying alternatives for mitigating wet weather flow in the sanitary sewer system; recommending a method(s) of mitigation; as well as public engagement throughout the project.
* Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis
The ultimate goal of the Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis Project is to help the City of Ann Arbor identify aspects of the City’s stormwater system that would benefit from improvement – and then to make data-driven, citizen-informed decisions about the best way to make these improvements.
* Upper Malletts Stormwater Conveyance Study 
The purpose of the Upper Malletts Stormwater Conveyance Study is to gather information on these problems and develop potential solutions that will improve how stormwater is carried in the area and decrease the risk and severity of future floods.

Background Information

January 19, 2014 Ann Arbor Chronicle artice: Backups: Lawyers, Sewers, Pumps (the Chronicle is always a good source of information on civic issues).

2012 Flooding

Fighting floods: Ann Arbor officials lay out plans for stormwater upgrades, residents balk at costs 9/24/12

Ann Arbor officials temporarily suspend footing drain program in response to neighborhood concerns 9/20/12

Ann Arbor launches citywide analysis of stormwater system in response to neighborhood flooding 8/23/12

Ann Arbor residents urge city officials to address flooding problems on city's west side 5/11/12

Churchill Downs residents blame city of Ann Arbor for basement flooding. 4/20/12

Firefighters injured, apartments evacuated as storm blows through Ann Arbor. 3/15/12

Allmendinger Park Flooding (3/15/2012) on Flicker

Churchill Downs Flooding

2011 Flooding

Ann Arbor investigates failure of stormwater system at West Park; residents concerned about floods. 8/21/11

2010 Flooding

Stormwater runoff swamps Ann Arbor neighborhoods - June 8, 2010

For now, the following information is offered for those who have had their basement flood.

We have noticed that the City is getting a little careless about their duties under Public Act 222 of 2001. Sure, you can talk to your insurance agent...sure, you can be appreciative of the name and phone number of a "disaster recovery" firm...but most important is to notify "the owner" of the system that is presumably is floating your basement furniture around, within 45 days of the occurrence.

The City then has an opportunity to inspect the damage and make a restorative offer. Many jurisdictions like to wait long enough that the property has already been cleaned up, and then say, "we don't see a problem here...,"  Our advice is to take lots of pictures, make a lot of notes, keep real close track of any expenses. For most incidents in Ann Arbor, we suggest that you notify both the City and the Water Resources Commissioner, since there's overlapping jurisdiction in the storm drainage system and the County Drains, The City is pretty much on the hook for the Sanitary Sewer System.

For a while after PA 222 passed, the City was handing out a pretty well vetted brochure. They must have run out, or, they're in the box with the "Guy C. Larcom Municipal Building" aluminum architectural letters.