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Study Data

The City has been trying to hide behind lack of data on the flooding potential for a long time. The ACWG feels we have 1,200-1,500 or more homes and Tens of Millions in losses on the West Side at risk of major flooding in a large rain event.

Water quality and water quantity are really one in the same problem. With such high flows in the Allen's Creek flooding is polluting the river in very great amounts. This last rain had sewage flowing in basements and in streets, and directly into the river.

With 100 and 500 year rains happening, due to global warming, all around Ann Arbor and in lower Michigan, our luck can not hold out forever.

The homeless shelter plans had to be redone (~$1M cost) because the original plan was in the floodway and is in the floodplain, the homeless shelter and Y sites have had a recent Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) from FEMA raising the floodplain 33% (after the Y and shelter were built), the DDA 'deep sixed' a subwatershed study ($1/4-1/2M budgeted) for the 1st and William proposed parking deck probably because the results would shock the community.

The City is still planning for our watershed with 1968 data. Totally unacceptable and we are paying dearly for this inaction. $200,000 is little to ask for a meaningful study when we are spending tens of millions.

There is a building with new additions on Kingsley now clearly blocking the Allen's Creek floodway (which will cause major flooding upstream) and seems to be golden with little effort to fix it after a year and a half of demanding the oner be put on notice.

It would seem time to do a watershed study for Allen's Creek and get some data to guide our planning even if it shocks the community at least we will know how urgent the effort should be.

Flooding is a major risk facing this community and needs action not platitudes.