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Library Lot

The site commonly know as the Library Lot is the 1.2 acre area north of the downtown public library. It is the site where the City is building the entirely unnecessary and expensive underground parking structure. After approving millions of dollars of debt to build the underground parking structure, the City issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a development to be built on top of the underground parking structure. The behind the scenes favorite was a proposal to build a hotel and conference center on top of the parking structure. That proposal would have involved even more public funding. Eventually that idea was put to rest.

The City has turned responsibility for planning a use of this site over to the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) as part of a multi-site planning process. One group would like the site to be used as a central park. Another group is interested in making sure the public has a role in the process of determining the use of this site.

While the DDA and the City go through the motions of determining a use for this site, the obvious question is what will occupy the space above the underground parking structure in the short term. The document attached below includes a description of the temporary plan (see page 12) as a surface parking lot with some trees, benches, and bike racks.
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An interesting NPR piece about the economic benefits of developing a downtown park in Greenville, S.C.

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