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DDA Planning

The City Council gave the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) the task of planning the use and development of six City-owned, downtown properties. The six properties are the Library Lot, the Old Y Lot, the ground floor of the 4th & William Parking Structure, the Palio Lot, and the Kline Lot. In assigning that task to the DDA, Council directed the DDA to engage in a "robust" public process.

The DDA has initiated a process it calls Connecting William Street. The DDA established a Leadership and Outreach Committee (LOC) made up of downtown residents, employees, business owners, and representatives from the City and DDA to guide the process. The LOC has held two meetings and expects to meet again in May 2012.

The DDA conducted an unscientific internet survey to seek public opinion about the use of the six City-owned parcels. That survey consisted of a series of multiple choice questions, where the choices were heavily tilted toward a preconceived notion of appropriate development. The survey did allow participants to select "other" and provide open-ended answers. In its March 26 meeting, the LOC discussed the survey results. Reportedly, answers to the open-ended questions included wide-spread support for downtown open space. It was also noted that in order to report all of the open ended answers, the report would take 400 pages.

The LOC and the Concentrate web blog will partner to present their Complete Downtown Experience speaker series.