About the Alliance

The Neighborhood Alliance  is a coalition of neighborhood activists from throughout the City of Ann Arbor. The activists are from more than two dozen neighborhood groups, each group having its own members and, in some cases, officers. Our members include environmental activists, historic preservationists, Council members, a library board member, transit activists, local bloggers, parks advocates, pedestrian advocates, planning activists, watershed advocates and just plain old political activists. Our members include those who are relatively new to local politics as well as those who have been through a few cycles of ebb and flow of citizen activism.

The Alliance is an informal network set up to facilitate communication between neighborhoods. We share concerns and ideas, help each other become educated on City issues, and raise awareness, with the goal of protecting and improving the City and its neighborhoods. Our fundamental goal is to have the City treat neighborhoods as stakeholders in decision making. Contact us to join the conversation (read the "Join Us" section below).

Note:  The Alliance does not take positions as an organization, but instead distributes information of interest to neighborhood activists. When anyone who is associated with the Alliance speaks, that person is speaking on behalf of himself or herself individually or on behalf of that individual’s own neighborhood association. This includes any statements made on these pages. We post what is contributed.

Join Us

The Neighborhood Alliance is an informal coalition of neighborhood associations where participants share resources, experience and information. If you represent a Neighborhood Association (whether registered with the City of Ann Arbor's Planning Department or not), please contact us! If you do not have an association but want to organize, we can help. 


If you are an officer of a neighborhood association (whether registered with the City of Ann Arbor Planning Department or not), we would like to hear from you. Please send an email with the answers to the following questions. We may share data, but not the detailed information you provide.

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is the name of your organization?
  3. What office do you hold in your neighborhood group?
  4. Is your neighborhood group active?
  5. Do you have regular meetings?
  6. Have you drafted by-laws?
  7. Are you incorporated?
  8. Do you raise funds?
  9. Are you tax exempt?
  10. Does your group have a web site? If so, what is the url?
  11. Would you be interested in improving communication with other neighborhood groups?
Please send your responses to AnnArborNeighborhoods@gmail.com