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Local Media

The Ann Arbor News was not perfect, but it came to your door every day. Since its demise, we are left a variety of part-time media and on-line news. Let's attempt to share news sources that we use with others who visit this page. Here are a few choices:

  •   Ann Arbor Chronicle - the best coverage of local government meetings with good, unbiased analysis of issues.
In the past, we tried to link to Ann Arbor Chronicle articles whenever possible because we had found their coverage to be fair, accurate and comprehensive. We were sadden to read the Chronicle's August 7 announcement that they will cease publication on September 2, 2014 (link). Here is a collection of articles covering the Chronicle's announcement: (1) Local in Ann Arbor link; (2) mLive article; (3) Michigan Daily link; (4) Nieman Journalism Lab link
  •   Local in Ann Arbor - great in-depth analysis of current issues.
  •   Ann Arbor Independent - a relatively new weekly local paper that often covers matters the other outlets ignore.
  •   The Michigan Daily - student run newspaper; often better than the local "paper"
  •   mLive.com - Ann Arbor - almost as good as the former AnnArbor.com which was a diminished version of the Ann Arbor News. But, be sure to check back for frequent corrections.
  •   A2 Journal - A weekly paper, part of the Heritage Newspaper chain.
  •   Concentrate - The official (tax subsidized) pro-development site.
  •   The Ann Arbor Observer - A monthly publication that includes some news, and covers up-coming entertainment events.
  •   Other Perspectives - Nancy Kaplan hosts this Comcast Channel 17 public interest program covering local politics. (Link is to web video).

Send your favorite local news source to us at annarborneighborhoods@gmail.com

Activist Groups
By including a group in this list, we do not mean to endorse the group and we do not suggest that the group endorses us. These are just good old fashion community groups.

Lawton Elementary School neighbors: http://a2underwater.com/
Glendale Drive neighbors: http://glendalecondodevelopment.blogspot.com/
Near downtown neighbors: http://www.saveannarbor.org/
Stop Fuller Road Station - http://www.protecta2parks.org/
Support an Ann Arbor Central Park -
M Go Green/A2 Green - http://mgogreen.org/
Public Land - Public Process - http://publicannarbor.blogspot.com/
Citizens Against the Conference Center - http://www.nodowntownconferencecenter.org
Stop the Airport Expansion - http://stopa2runwayextension.com/
The Ann Arbor Tree Conservancy - http://annarbortreeconservancy.org/index.htm
Friends of Huron Parkway - http://www-personal.umich.edu/~sarhaus/huronpkwy/
Germantown Neighborhood Association - http://germantownneighborhoodassociation.blogspot.com/
Ann Arbor Greenway - http://www.aagreenway.org/
Ann Arbor's North Central Neighborhood Association - http://ncpoa.blogspot.com/
Old West Side Association - http://www.oldwestside.org/
South Maple Group - http://www.southmaple.org
Allen's Creek Watershed Group - http://www.acwg.org/
Protect Our Neighborhoods! - http://protectourneighborhoods.com/index.html
Safety on Seventh - http://safetyonseventh.blogspot.com/
Lansdowne Bridge - http://www.lansdownebridge.com/
Ann Arbor for Parkland Preservation - http://a2p2parks.com/

Send your neighborhood group's web link to us at

Recreation Groups
Again, by including a group in this list, we do not mean to endorse the group and we do not suggest that the group endorses us. A healthy community needs both healthy neighborhoods and a diversity of recreational opportunities.