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Budget 2013

Former Mayor Lou Belcher left the following comment after a recent annarbordotcom story.  We thought we would repost it here:

"It is time the city government started using "Management by Objective" as our City Councils practiced during my four terms as mayor. Priorities, set by importance, is the only way to operate anything...whether it is a government, a business, a family."

"For any city, the government's first priority MUST be the health and safety of it's citizens...just ask them. For example, we set the following top objectives: a police car in front of any address in two minutes...a fire truck in four minutes, waste pick up every week with a sanitary disposal methodology, clean water.....etc. We built the sixth and last fire station to meet the four minute response goal and it is ,in my opinion, very bad policy to dismantle the very infrastructure, that supports, what should be a number one priority."

"When the money runs out you stop on the last priority and , if you have money left...give it back to those who gave it to you."

"Look, you can help lead the effort for the arts without spending priority tax dollars...we helped create the Summer festival, the Michigan theater,and the Hands on Museum with very little public money and the citizen volunteers took them over and saw to their funding...(doing a heck of a lot better job than the city council could) and we asked the business community to help fund public art (which many did)."

"Let's get back to the important things that government was formed to do.....those things that individuals can not do alone."