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Central Park

We received this message in an email.

Dear Friends,

Would you like to help create a Central Park for Ann Arbor? With delight today I can direct you to a brand-new website put together for this purpose in meetings last week:

The first goal of our website is to make it easy for you to send a message to the Mayor and Council asking them to vote NO against a convention center on the site where the park should be. This is urgent, because the vote could take place early in January. (If you have already written to them, a reminder won't hurt.)

The second goal of the website is to gather together in one place all the information that will help us to sustain a campaign for the Central Park. Click on the pages titled "mission," "vision," "more info," etc. You'll find artists' drawings, citizens' ideas for using the park, the background of the issue to date, and links to related articles, including serious challenges to the arguments used to promote convention centers. (The supposed benefits to the host city are illusory.)

I hope you will go to the website now to send your message to Council members. I hope you will return in the future to look for updates and to volunteer in ways that may emerge (carry petitions, for instance).

Very important: please spread the word--send your friends a link to the website:

This is going to take a spirited grass-roots effort, but we can win if everybody helps.


A video on the topic:

Inside the Ann Arbor Command Center