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2011 Election

The City Council is composed of two representatives from each Ward and the Mayor. Each year, one of the two representatives from each Ward is subject to an election. The Mayor is elected in even numbered years (ie: 2010, 2012). Ann Arbor is strongly Democratic, these days. Thus, the primary election often determines the outcome of the general election. Surprisingly, this year there are three Republican candidates who will appear on the November ballot. On August 10, former Republican Jane Lumm announced that she will run as an independent in the Second Ward ("... As the Republican party moved to the right, I've felt a bit deserted.")

November 8, 2011 General Election

CTN Channel 19 recorded the October 5, 2011 debates for the contested Council races. Those debates are now available the the CTN on-demand web page.

1st Ward
Sabra Briere (D-incumbent) *Neighborhood friendly*

2nd Ward
Stephen Rapundalo (D-incumbent)
Jane Lumm (I) *Neighborhood friendly*
3rd Ward
Stephen Kunselman (D-incumbent) *Neighborhood friendly*
David Parker (R)
4th Ward
Marcia Higgins (D-incumbent)
Eric Scheie (R)
5th Ward
Mike Anglin (D-incumbent) *Neighborhood friendly*
Stuart Berry (R)

August 2, 2011 Primary Election

Democratic Party Primary Results:
Stephen Kunselman Won! Ann Arbor Chronicle coverage; Ann Arbor dot com article

The Republican Party had no contested races for the August primary. Democratic incumbents in the Second, Third and Fifth Wards faced challengers. All of the incumbents won their primary races.

1st Ward
Sabra Briere (D-incumbent) unopposed

2nd Ward
Stephen Rapundalo (D-incumbent) won the Democratic Party primary.
3rd Ward
Stephen Kunselman (D-incumbent) won the Democratic Party primary.
Marwan Issa (D)
Ingrid Ault (D)
4th Ward
Marcia Higgins (D-incumbent)

5th Ward
Mike Anglin (D-incumbent) won the Democratic Party primary.
Neal Elyakin (D)

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