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02-27-12 update

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Update on Packard Square…..
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We wanted to provide a brief update on some recent activity on the Packard Square project. 
We have been working with the MDEQ on the grant documentation, which is the primary source of funds for the environmental cleanup and building demolition.  For example, the state has requested a property restriction be recorded to run with the land to ensure that a vapor barrier system is installed if there are residual vapor pathways following the site remediation.  We have hired an environmental attorney to work through this documentation with the MDEQ.  Once that documentation is finalized, and the grant is approved, we will immediately re-connect with the County to get the ball rolling again on the demolition and remediation procurement process.  It appears that once the grant is approved, we may need to work through a formal “development agreement” with the County for the grant work.  However, we cannot begin that process until the state grant is approved.
The value engineering feedback received from the major subcontractors (electrical, mechanical, plumbing) has pointed to a number of cost-saving measures.  We are in the process of revising the building plans in order to realize those savings to ensure the project comes in within budget.  In connection with these final revisions to plans, we will likely be submitting a revised site plan set for administrative review (these will be very minor changes, such as interior floor plan changes, slight revisions to window sizes, making the front building façade line up more evenly with the stair towers, and possibly adding or moving a few parking spaces).
We have received a revised Development Agreement from the City; and, while most of the suggested changes have been made, our general contractor has some additional comments that affect their construction sequencing.  We have made  a request for a follow-up conference call out to the City attorney’s office. 
We have been calling and meeting with multi-family property managers in the area to initiate the Footing Drain Disconnect discussions.  So far, after several meetings and site visits with multi-family properties identified on an FDD map supplied by the City, those multi-family properties either (A) seem to have no FDs connected to sanitary, or (B) they don’t want to discuss it further for their internal reasons (i.e., they are too busy, don’t believe they have this condition, or don’t want to be bothered with it, etc.).  However, we will keep calling and meeting with other facility managers in an effort to keep the FDD process moving.  Not only are the Footing Drain Disconnects required for C of Os, but also right now they are one of the moving targets in the construction budget which we are hoping to quantify more accurately soon.
There have been many other things happening too, but these are the major agenda items impacting the timing of demolition and construction “on the ground”. 
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