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Feb 4 Meeting


A meeting will be held by the Ann Arbor Advisory Development Committee on Friday, February 4, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. in the Fifth Floor Conference Room, 100 North Fifth Avenue, Guy C. Larcom, Jr. Municipal Building (City Hall), Ann Arbor, Michigan, to discuss unresolved major issues regarding the following:

Packard Square Site Plan, 6.52 acres, 2502 Packard Street. A proposal to demolish the existing structures and to construct a 4-story, 358,636-square foot mixed-use development (230 apartments and street level retail) consisting of 23,858 square feet of retail use, 286,493 square feet of residential, 48,285 square feet of covered parking (150 spaces) and 309 at-grade vehicle parking spaces and 54 bicycle parking spaces.

Additional information concerning the above petition is available at Planning and Development Services (734-794-6265), Fifth Floor, Guy C. Larcom, Jr. Municipal Building (City Hall), Ann Arbor Michigan.

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This meeting has been arranged by Planning and Development Services and includes City staff to discuss unresolved major technical issues with the petitioner.  The public is welcome to observe the meeting but will only be granted permission to speak if there is time available within the allocated timeframes.  There will be an additional opportunity to speak at the public hearing at the City Planning Commission meeting.

2:00 p.m.   Packard Square Site Plan

A.         Planning and Development Services Review of Unresolved Major Issues

B.         Discussion of Major Issues

C.        Citizen Comments

3:00 p.m.   Adjournment



Reviewing Departments
City Planning Commission
Mayor and City Council
Petitioner and Petitioner’s Representative
Neighborhood Groups:
    Georgetown Neighborhood Association
    Georgetown Condos of Ann Arbor
    Kensington-Marlborough Neighborhood Association
    Kimberly Hills Neighborhood Association
    Malletts Creek Watershed


Mia Gale

Administrative Assistant V
Planning Services

Planning & Development Dept

Tel:  734 794 6265 ext 42665
Fax:  734 994 8312