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After the city issued its request for proposals for the Huron Hills Golf Course, two groups submitted proposals.

A non-profit group proposed maintaining the golf course in its current form -- eighteen holes of golf -- with the non-profit group taking over the opration of the course at no cost to the city. That proposal can be found here:

Even before the city issued its RFP, a private, for-profit company had proposed a business plan for the Huron Hills Golf Course. That plan would convert part of the course into a retail operation and another part into a driving range. It would leave only 9 of the 18 hole of golf in operation by its final phase. That proposal can be found here:

An excellent legal analysis of the for-profit proposal can be found here:

Not surprisingly, the city has rejected the non-profit proposal and is proceeding with the plan to re-purpose the golf course. Click here to read the Chronicle article.