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Stadium Bridges

For many years residents have suffered the city's lack of leadership through the failure to replace or repair the Stadium bridges. One measure of a bridge's viability ranks a bidge on a one to 100 scale. A rating below 50 out of 100 means that the bridge should be replaced immediately. Th e Stadium bridge was rated 21 out of 100 a few years back. Even before it the bridges fell to that level, the city had appropriated more than a million dollars to plan for replacement. Unfortunately, the Council members from the fourth ward, where the bridge is located, wanted to avoid potential controversy over the manner in which Stadium Blvd. would intersect with South Main St. at the Golf and Outing Association property. While the entire project lay inactive waiting for the Council members to appoint a citizens advisory committee, the Obama administration offered huge sums of money for "shovel ready" projects as part of of the Obama Administration's stimulus plan. The city was unable to present a shovel ready plan for the bridge replacement in spite of a million dollars spent on planning over many years.

On February 17, 2010, reported that the City had failed to qualify for $21 million from the Obama administration's economic stimulus program for the Stadium Bridges project.

A city staff member wrote a memo in February 2008 that includes mention of the delay due to the Council members' delay in taking action. On page 3 of that memo, the staff member notes:

We have not able to move forward on the preliminary design of the bridge over S. State Street or the Ann Arbor Railroad tracks because we are waiting for the 4th Ward City Council members to nominate and confirm a Citizens Advisory Committee to assist us with the public engagement process.

That memo is attached below.
Ann Arbor Neighborhoods,
Dec 7, 2010, 2:48 PM