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The City Code provides a zoning district designation of PL for publicly owned land. The PL zoning district has 10 permissible uses. Of the 10 permissible uses, only parklands have any restrictions attached. Clearly, the code intends that public land designated as parkland (in the PROS Plan) be used as parkland and not for purposes not normally incidental to park uses. We believe this means that the Fuller Road parkland cannot be used for hospital parking structures or Amtrak train stations.

5:10.13. - PL public land district.permanent link to this piece of content


Intent. This district is designed to classify publicly owned uses and land and permit the normal principal and incidental uses required to carry out governmental functions and services.


Permitted principal uses.


Outdoor public recreational uses, such as: playgrounds, playfields, golf courses, boating areas, fishing sites, camping sites, parkways and parks. No structure shall be erected or maintained upon dedicated parkland which is not customarily incidental to the principal use of the land.


Natural open space, such as: conservation lands, wildlife sanctuaries, forest preserves.


Developed open space, such as: arboreta, botanical and zoological gardens.


Educational services, such as: public primary and secondary schools, and institutions of higher education.


Cultural services, such as: museums and art galleries.


Public service institutions, such as: hospitals, sanatoria, homes for the elderly, children's homes and correctional institutions.


Essential services, buildings containing essential services and electrical substations.


Transportation facilities, such as municipal airports, rail stations, bus stations, bicycle centers, auto and bicycle parking facilities.


Civic center.


Government offices and courts.