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Master Plan

In recent years we have seen repeated instances where a controversial development complied with basic zoning requirements but was dramatically at odds with the master plan description of the site. The following sections of the State zoning laws indicate that the City has a re3sponsibility to make its zoning ordinances comply with its mater plan.

MCL Section 125.3203,(1):

A zoning ordinance shall be based upon a plan designed to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare, to encourage the use of lands in accordance with their character and adaptability, to limit the improper use of land, to conserve natural resources and energy, to meet the needs of the state’s residents for food, fiber, and other natural resources, places of residence, recreation, industry, trade, service, and other uses of land, to ensure that uses of the land shall be situated in appropriate locations and relationships, to avoid the overcrowding of population, to provide adequate light and air, to lessen congestion on the public roads and streets, to reduce hazards to life and property, to facilitate adequate provision for a system of transportation including, subject to subsection (5), public transportation, sewage disposal, safe and adequate water supply, education, recreation, and other public requirements, and to conserve the expenditure of funds for public improvements and services to conform with the most advantageous uses of land, resources, and properties. A zoning ordinance shall be made with reasonable consideration of the character of each district, its peculiar suitability for particular uses, the conservation of property values and natural resources, and the general and appropriate trend and character of land, building, and population development.

MCL Section 125.3501,(5):

A site plan shall be approved if it contains the information required by the zoning ordinance and is in compliance with the conditions imposed under the zoning ordinance, other statutorily authorized and properly adopted local unit of government planning documents, other applicable ordinances, and state and federal statutes.

Ann Arbor City Code, Title V, Chapter 55, Article III, 5:24.1

Intent. The intent of this section is to provide clear and consistent area, height and placement regulations for construction in the City of Ann Arbor. The standards are intended to require the appropriate placement of buildings that result in improved non-motorized access, adequate open space, and the efficient use of land and infrastructure consistent with principles of sustainable land use practices described in adopted City master plans.